Expanding Your Leadership Intelligence Through SQ

The acclaimed developmental psychologist Howard Gardner taught us four decades ago that our long-standing notion of intelligence, based on IQ testing, is far too limited. To account for the huge range of human potential, Gardner proposed eight different intelligences...

Staying in Touch with Your SELF

Human burnout, a major problem in medicine today is, in a sense, the outcome of competing conversations of self-talk. Physicians want to problem-solve so they can provide the appropriate care for their patients. Now they are being told how much they can spend in the...

Questions Are More Powerful Than Answers

Can people change after 25? Based on what I’ve seen through my work with myself and others is, yes. However, that change is directly related to the degree that a person is willing to continue to ask questions of oneself.

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Leadership is a function of questions. And the first question for a leader always is: ‘Who do we intend to be?’ Not ‘What are we going to do?’ but ‘Who do we intend to be?’

~ Max DePree